Sunday, 4 October 2009


Bio-Instrumentation and Medical Devices projects

1.) Continuous Monitoring of Electrode–Skin Impedance Mismatch During Bioelectric Recordings
2.) Automatic System to Test Semiautomatic External Defibrillators
3.) System to measure laughing
4.) The lie detector
5.) Low energy defibrillation method
6.) Non-Invasive diagnosis of urinary bladder outlet obstruction
7.) Dry electrodes for multiple biosignals recordings
8.) Ventilator patient monitor
9.) Continuous patient monitoring in anaesthesia using head-mounted displays
10.) Development of a paediatric flow sensor for sleep investigation
11.) Auscultatory monitoring system
12.) Blood pressure monitor
13.) Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring using Pulse Wave Transit Time
14.) Electronic blood pressure and pulse rate calculator with optional temperature indicator, timer and memory
15.) Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring Using Hydrostatic Pressure Changes
16.) Device, system & method for vital signs monitoring
17.) Continuous, non invasive technique for measuring blood pressure using impedance plethysmography
18.) Physiological signal monitoring system
19.) Device for neuro-stimulation
20.) Reconfigurable Intelligent Sensors for Health Monitoring
21.) Guidance of a wheelchair using electro-oculography
22.) A portable near infrared spectroscopy system for bedside monitoring of newborn brain
23.) System for long-term measurement of cerebral blood flow and tissue oxygenation on newborn infants by infrared transillumination
24.) Artificial sleep inducer
25.) Control and communication for physically disabled people, based on vestigial signals from the body
26.) A microcomputer keyboard substitute for the disabled
27.) Eye movement control of computer functions
28.) An electro-oculogram based system for communication and control using target position variation
29.) Instrumentation for ENG and EMG recording in FES system
30.) Textile-Embedded Sensors for Wearable Physiological Monitoring Systems
31.) Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) with Smart Textile Electrodes
32.) Capacitive non-woven fabric sensors for respiration monitoring
33.) Detection of airway obstruction and sleep apnea by analyzing the phase relation of respiration movement signals
34.) Automated breath detection on long-duration signals using feed forward back propagation artificial neural networks
35.) Wearable Forehead Pulse Oximetry
36.) Extracting Heart Rate Variability from a Wearable Reflectance Pulse Oximeter
37.) Artifact-Resistant Power-Efficient Design of Finger-Ring Plethysmographic Sensors
38.) Biomimetic sound localization
39.) Hearing aid simulator
40.) FPGA-based Sleep Apnea Screening Device for Home Monitoring
41.) Epileptic Seizure Detection/Prediction/Localization
42.) Wireless Heart Rate meter (cardiotachograph)
43.) Electronic stethoscope
44.) Microcomputer-based system for data acquisition and analysis of oxygen uptake studies
45.) Wrist Proprioception Testing System
46.) Non-invasive, In-vivo Monitoring of Blood Glucose Using Near Infrared spectroscopic Techniques
47.) Design of urinary bladder pressure detection device
48.) Automatic examination systems for vestibulo-ocular reflex function test
49.) Rapid Eye Movement Detection of the Newborn using neural networks
50.) Early Diagnosis of choloruquine Toxicity on Human Visual Systam Using Electroculogram (EOG)
51.) Electro-Oculography Mouse for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients
52.) Automatic detection of nausea using biosignals during immerging in a virtual reality environment
53.) Integrating Psychophysiological Measures of Cognitive Workload and Eye Movements to Detect Strategy Shifts
54.) Thinking state monitoring using plural physiological signals
55.) System for Assisted Mobility Using Eye Movements Based on Electrooculography
56.) Multisensor Data Fusion and Control for Complex Neural Interface System of biosignals
57.) The Human-Based Multisensor Fusion Method for Artificial Nose and Tongue Sensor
58.) Multisensor Fusion far Atrial and Ventricular Activity Detection in Coronary Care Monitoring
59.) Wireless Head Cap for EOG and Facial EMG Measurements
60.) Wearable Wireless Biopotential Measurement Device
67.) Early detection of drowsiness using a neuro-fuzzy detector / A drowsy driver detection system for heavy vehicles
68.) Evaluation of Driver Stress Using Biomarker in Motor-vehicle Driving Simulator
69.) Hand-held monitor of sympathetic nervous system using salivary amylase activity and driver fatigue assessment
70.) Vibration stimulus of seat belt motor retractor for keeping drivers awake / Safety Driving System Based on Monitoring Eye Movements / Drowsiness Detection Using Spectrum Analysis Of Eye Movements And Effective Stimuli To Keep Drivers Awake
71.) Full-Time Wearable Headphone-Type Gaze Detector
72.) Automatic detection of slow wave sleep using two channel electrooculography
73.) Computer based sleep recording and analysis
74.) ECG, EOG detection from helmet based system
75.) Designing a Wearable Pulse Oximeter for Military Applications
76.) Stress Monitoring Using a Distributed Wireless Intelligent Sensor System
77.) Device to monitor retinal ischemia
78.) A tissue impedance measurement chip for myocardial ischemia detection
79.) System and method for detecting the onset of an obstructive sleep apnea event
80.) An visual display stethoscope for use in the auscultation of body sounds
81.) Plantar foot pressure measurement system to monitor and display pressure distribution at the sole of the feet of a diabetic patient having foot ulcer
82.) Personal computer control of electrochemical detectors utilized for mitochondrial studies
84.) Measurements of Heart Motion using Accelerometers
85.) Respiration-movement-based sleep apnea monitor
87.) Molecular & cellular studies using oral insulin delivery systems
88.) Expert System to Support the Diagnosis of Thyroid nodules
89.) MRI compatible infusion pump
90.) A portable patient training device for lung cancer treatment
91.) Eye drop device
92.) Eye movement measurement in MRI
93.) Multi-IV fluid feed system
94.) Portable computer-aided drug dispenser
95.) Automatic Metered Dose Inhalant (MDI) delivery device
96.) Tongue pressure sensor system
97.) Development of an exhaled breath condensate system for use during exercise
98.) Design of Epilepsy monitor
99.) An instrument of sound and visual creation driven by biological signals
100.) Prediction of Tumor Existence in the Virtual Soft Tissue by Using Tactile Tumor Detector
101.) A computerized Infusion Pump for control of tissue tracer concentration during Positron Emission Tomography in vivo Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic measurements
102.) Biomedical electrode noise measurement system
103.) Wearable EDA (Electro-Dermal Activity) Sensor Gloves using Conducting Fabric and Embedded system
104.) Wrist Ambulatory Monitoring System and Smart Glove for Real Time Emotional, Sensorial and Physiological Analysis


  1. brilliant post..covers all possible topics i guess...! continue the gd work !

  2. it is up to the mark and perfect fr us

  3. hi, its really good work.... can u give more details abt the tpoic eye drop device???

  4. nice....can u give details abt design of epilepsy monitor

  5. Continuous Monitoring of Electrode–Skin Impedance Mismatch During Bioelectric u sent me d details f ID is!!



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