Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) Design of Holter ECG System Based on MSP430 and USB Technology
2.) Design & construction of 12 lead ECG system
3.) A Practical Approach Concerning Heart Rate Variability Measurement and
Arrhythmia Detection Based on Virtual Instrumentation
4.) Arrhythmia diagnosis using morphology and timing from atrial and ventricular leads
5.) Design of cardiac arrhythmia detection system
6.) Device for measurement of surface arterial volume measurement
7.) Wireless ECG device with Bluetooth & communication to a PDA / Bluetooth-enabled ECG Monitoring System
8.) Clustering Based Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Prediction using Open Source Toolkit PRTools
9.) Cardiac arrhythmia classification using autoregressive modelling
10.) LabVIEW based cardio-respiratory monitor
11.) Development of Automated 12-Lead QT Dispersion Algorithm for Sudden Cardiac Death
12.) Analysis of Multi-Lead QT Dispersion by Means of an Algorithm Implemented on LabVIEW
13.) Bayesian ANN Classifier for ECG Arrhythmia Diagnostic System
14.) Modelling and simulation of skin-stretch-caused motion artefacts in single-channel ECG signal
15.) Design and Development of a Knowledge driven Web based ECG Data monitoring and Diagnostic Tool in Lab-view
16.) High resolution ECG and MCG mapping: simulation study of single and dual accessory pathways and influence of lead displacement and limited lead selection on localisation results
17.) Design of USB based ECG monitor
18.) Design of tiny ECG monitoring system
19.) ECG Application Featuring Data Transmission by Bluetooth
20.) A portable system for acquiring and removing motion artefact from ECG signals
21.) Heart Rate Detection From Plantar Bioimpedance Measurements
22.) Heart rate monitoring using mobile communication
23.) Development of a Matlab Software for Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
24.) Remote electrocardiogram monitoring using internet
25.) Microcontroller based ECG monitoring system
26.) Enhancement of R wave detection in ECG data analysis using higher order statistics
27.) The Construction of a Volumetric Cardiac Model for Real-time ECG Simulation
28.) Neural Network based adaptive matched filtering for QRS detection
29.) Genetic design of optimum linear and non-linear QRS detectors
30.) Application of artificial neural and Fuzzy-neural networks to QRS detection and PVC diagnosis
31.) Real‐time discrimination of ventricular tachyarrhythmia with Fourier‐transform neural network
32.) ECG rhythm classification using artificial neural networks
33.) Application of artificial neural networks to QRS detection and LVH diagnosis
34.) Assessment of selected ECG voltage criteria for abnormality in eccentric and concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
35.) Modelling of hypertension‐induced Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
36.) Device for Cardiac Heart Vector Display
37.) Electronic Cardiac Arrhythmia Signal Generator
38.) Handlebar Heart Rate Meter
39.) Digital Doppler Ultrasound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
40.) A wireless ECG system for continuous event recording and communication to a clinical alarm station
41.) FPGA based real time ECG monitoring system
42.) A Pocket size arrhythmia monitoring system
44.) Automated assessment of endocardial electrograms fractionation in human

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