Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) EMG-based Tele-operation of a Robot Arm in Planar Catching Movements using ARMAX Model and Trajectory Monitoring Techniques
2.) Lightweight embedded system for acquiring simultaneous electro-myogenic activity and movement data (Function-EMG)
3.) Wireless EMG transmission
4.) EMG diagnostic system
5.) Electrical apparatus for medical treatment using EMG envelope signal
6.) Apparatus for producing a model EMG signal from a measured EMG signal
7.) Power spectrum analysis of the EMG pattern in normal and diseased muscles
8.) Simultaneous and nonlinear identification of mechanical and reflex properties of human elbow joint muscles
9.) Myoelectric tele-operation of a complex robotic hand
10.) An EMG controlled pointing device using neural network
11.) Control of Multifunction Myoelectric Hand using a Real-Time EMG Pattern Recognition
12.) A wavelet-based continuous classification scheme for multifunction myoelectric control
13.) Real-time intelligent pattern recognition algorithm for surface EMG signals
14.) Multifunction prosthesis and orthosis control via micro-computer identification of temporal pattern differences in single-site myoelectric signals
15.) Intention detection using a neuro-fuzzy EMG classifier
16.) Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for epileptic seizure detection using feature extraction
17.) Functional Separation of EMG Signals Via ARMA Identification Methods for Prosthesis Control Purposes
18.) Neuro-Fuzzy Surface EMG Pattern Recognition For Multifunctional Hand Prosthesis Control
19.) Optimized Gaussian mixture models for upper limb motion classification
20.) Continuous myoelectric control for powered prostheses using hidden Markov models
21.) Classification of the myoelectric signal using time–frequency based representations
22.) A human-assisting manipulator tele-operated by EMG signals and arm motions
23.) EMG classification for prehensile posture using cascaded architecture of neural networks with self-organizing maps
24.) Support Vector Machine Based Classification Scheme for Myoelectric Control Applied to Upper Limb
25.) EMG-Based Prediction of Shoulder and Elbow Kinematics in Able-Bodied and Spinal Cord Injured Individuals
26.) Recognition of forearm motions from EMG signals by error back propagation typed neural network using entropy
27.) Differentiating Type of Muscle Movement via AR Modelling and Neural Network Classification
28.) Blind Separation of Linear Instantaneous Mixtures of Non-stationary Surface Myoelectric Signals
29.) Selectivity of spatial filters for surface EMG detection from the tibialis anterior muscle
30.) EMG-based Hands-Free Wheelchair control with EOG Attention Shift Detection

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