Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) A microcomputer keyboard substitute for the disabled
2.) Control and communication for physically disabled people, based on vestigial signals from the body
3.) Guidance of wheel chair using electro-oculography
4.) Adaptive non contact gesture-based system for augmentative communication
5.) Low cost assist device for deaf and dum
6.) Hardware implementation of a stimulus artifact rejection algorithm in closed loop neuro-prosthesis
7.) Design of myoelectric controlled prosthetic hand / arm / leg
8.) A Hybrid Approach for Measurement of Normal Pressures Between Residual Limb and Prosthetic Socket
9.) Electrically driven artificial arm
10.) Multi-freedom myoelectric prostheses with tactile, temperature & pressure sensing
11.) Experimental development of a sensory control system for an upper limb myoelectric prosthesis with cosmetic covering
12.) EMG Prosthetic Hand Controller Discriminating Ten Motions using Real-time Learning Method
13.) Development of a Prosthetic Hand Using Adaptable Control Method for Human Characteristics
14.) Fuzzy-control of a hand orthosis for restoring tip pinch, lateral pinch, and cylindrical prehensions to patients with elbow flexion intact
15.) A fuzzy clustering neural network architecture for multifunction upper-limb prosthesis
16.) Levenberg-Marquardt Based Neural Network Control for a Five-fingered Prosthetic Hand
17.) Design and Control of an Exoskeleton System for Human Upper-Limb Motion Assist
18.) A Five-fingered Underactuated Prosthetic Hand Control Scheme
19.) A CAN-based distributed Control System for Upper Limb Myoelectric Prosthesis
20.) Lift assist arm brace
21.) Simulation of an Above-Elbow Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm For Development of an Implanted Myoelectric Control System
22.) An Innovative High-Level Human-Robot Interaction for Disabled Persons
23.) Communication aid for speech disabled people using Morse codification
24.) Automatic Morse-Coded Recognition with Adaptive Variable-Ratio Threshold Prediction for Physically Impaired Persons / Unstable Morse code recognition system with back propagation neural network for person with disabilities / Unstable Morse code recognition system with Expert-Gating Neural network / Morse code recognition system with fuzzy algorithm for disabled persons
25.) EOG-Based Glasses-Type Wireless Mouse for the Disabled
26.) Development of Meal Assistance Orthosis for Disabled Persons with Human Intention Extraction through EOG Signals / Determination of Target Position of Meal Assistance Orthosis Using EOG signal and Dish Image
27.) A Practical EMG-based Human-Computer Interface For Users With Motor Disabilities
28.) Feasibility of Electroculography as a Command Interface for a High Tetraplegia Neural Prosthesis
29.) Conversion of EEG Activity Into Cursor Movement by a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
30.) Developing the user-system interface for a communications system for ALS patients and others with severe neurological impairments.
31.) EOG Single Switch Morse code Translate Input Device for Individuals with The Motor Neuron Disease
32.) Wearable EMG based HCI for electric-powered wheelchair users with motor disabilities
33.) A flexible, portable system for neuromuscular stimulation in the paralyzed upper extremity
34.) A programmable electronic stimulator for FES system for physically impaired / A versatile multichannel direct-synthesized electrical stimulator for FES applications
35.) A versatile microcontroller based multichannel stimulator for skeletal muscle cardiac assist
36.) The development of a knee locker with closed-loop functional electrical stimulation (FES) for hemiplegia in gait training
37.) A neuro-control system for the knee joint position control with quadriceps stimulation.
38.) Feedback regulation of hand grasp opening and contact force during stimulation of paralyzed muscle
39.) Functional neuromuscular stimulation for combined control of elbow extension and hand grasp in C5 and C6 quadriplegics.
40.) Synthesis of hand grasp using functional neuromuscular stimulation
41.) A hybrid computerized neuromuscular stimulation system for Upper limb functions
regained in quadriplegia
42.) A noninvasive functional electrical stimulation system with patient-driven loop for hand function restoration
43.) A Text Input System Developed by Using Lips Image Recognition Based on LabVIEW for the Serious Disabled
44.) Biologically Inspired Autoadaptive Control of a knee prosthesis

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