Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) Biophysical modelling of neurons involved in chronic pain
2.) Development of clinician-friendly software for musculoskeletal modeling and control
3.) Modeling and measurement of flow effects on tracheal sounds
4.) Flow and volume related AR-modelling of lung sounds
5.) Blood Glucose Response to Stress Hormone Exposure in Healthy Man and Insulin Dependent Diabetic Patients: Prediction by Computer Modeling
6.) A Whole Body Thermal Model of Man During
7.) Cellular Level Electromechanical Modeling and Simulation of Heart Failure
8.) Model for the ACTL Glucocorticoid System
9.) A multiscale model for the selection process of ovulatory follicles / A model for follicle selection and the determination of ovulation rate in the ewe
10.) A model for human ventricular tissue
11.) Modeling the cellular basis of altered excitation-contraction coupling in heart failure
12.) Modelling the mechanical properties of cardiac muscles
13.) A model of CSF flow in the human craniovertertebral junction
14.) Pathological Tremor Modeling and Active Compensation using Functional Electrical Stimulation

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