Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) Computer aided diagnosis of lung diseases
2.) Computerized lung sounds analysis using LabVIEW / A LabVIEW based respiratory sounds reconstruction tool
3.) A Multi-Channel Device for Respiratory Sound Data Acquisition and Transient Detection
4.) System for detecting respiratory events
5.) Auscultatory training system
6.) Frequency, time and energy analysis of cough sounds
7.) Wavelet analysis and morphology for the detection of wheeze in cough sounds
8.) A system for recording high fidelity cough sound measurements
9.) A portable system for analysis of cough sounds in asthma
10.) A system for measuring breath and cough sounds / Simultaneous breath sound and flow measurements using cough
11.) A Miniaturized, Wearable, Battery-Operated Monitoring System for breathing detection
12.) Detection of upper airway resistance syndrome using a nasal cannula/pressure transducer
13.) Modeling and measurement of flow effects on tracheal sounds
14.) Phono-spirometry for non-invasive measurement of ventilation
15.) Acoustic airflow estimation from tracheal sound power
16.) Device for measurement of tracheal lung sounds
17.) A method for respiration monitoring by the use of a bio-acoustic signal

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