Friday, 26 March 2010



1.) A Practical Approach Concerning Heart Rate Variability Measurement and Arrhythmia Detection Based on Virtual Instrumentation
2.) LabVIEW based cardio-respiratory monitor
3.) Analysis of Multi-Lead QT Dispersion by Means of an Algorithm Implemented on LabVIEW
4.) Design and Development of a Knowledge driven Web based ECG Data monitoring and Diagnostic Tool in Lab-view
5.) Alarm clock based on sleep state of human using LabVIEW
6.) LabVIEW based Pulse Transit Time Measuring Device
7.) Design of a System for Data Acquisition and Computer Control of a Pulmonary Physiology Lab
8.) LabVIEW system for measuring human musculoskeletal biomechanics by acquiring
electromyographic (EMG) data simultaneously with motion data
9.) Computerized respiratory sounds analysis using LabVIEW
10.) Development of a Measuring System Based on LabVIEW for Angular Stiffness of Integrative Flexible Joint
11.) A Telemedicine Application Using LabVIEW to Remotely Track the Heart Rate Variability of Patients in a Clinical Research Environment
12.) A Portable ECG Signal Monitor and Analyzer
13.) A lie detector using LabVIEW
14.) LabVIEW based Functional Electrical Stimulation for paralyzed patients suffering from neuromuscular disease, spinal cord injuries (SCIs), and related neural impairments
15.) A System for Tracking Interventional Devices using Magnetic Resonance
16.) Measurement of Respiratory Protective Mask Lens Fogging with IMAQ and LabVIEW
17.) Development of a Voice Recognition Program using LabVIEW & Matlab
18.) The Automatic Testing Software for Electromagnetic Emission Based on Labview
19.) A Text Input System Developed by Using Lips Image Recognition Based on LabVIEW for the Serious Disabled
20.) A “virtual” electroanalytical instrument for square wave voltammetry
21.) Design of the Measurement System of the Pump Based on LabVIEW
22.) Rapid Prototyping Design and Implementation of a Motion Control Integrated With an Inexpensive Machine Vision System using LabVIEW, IMAQ Vision softwares and motion controller hardware PCI-7344
23.) Real-Time Identification of Sliding Friction Using LabVIEW FPGA
24.) An Audio- and Speech-Based Interface for Computer-Controlled Scientific Instruments
25.) Digital signal processing system design using LabVIEW and TMS320C6000
26.) Development of Measurement System Applied to Detecting the Parameters of Oxygen Sensor using LabVIEW & DSP hardware
27.) A LabVIEW based data acquisition system for vibration monitoring and analysis
28.) An Intelligent System for Odour Discrimination : A design of an electronic nose
29.) Rapid control prototype (RCP), real-rime(RT) digital control of 6-DOF parallel robot system using LabVIEW and Matlab
30.) Paced Breathing controller using LabVIEW
31.) Development of a virtual instrument for data acquisition and analysis of the phonocardiogram / Development of a virtual medical instrument using LabVIEW
32.) Dynamic Simulation of Robot Manipulators Using Graphical Programming
33.) Design of an Incubator for Premature Infant Based on LabVIEW
34.) Closed-loop DC motor Position Control System Using LabVIEW
35.) Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) accelerator systems diagnostics timing integration using LabVIEW
36.) The real-time implementation of a cochlear implant signal processing system on PDA
Platforms using LabVIEW
37.) In Vivo Depth Estimation of Features in the Chick Eye by Digital Signal
Processing of Ultrasonic Pulse Echoes
38.) Labview and Internet Based Remote Water Level Control Laboratory in the fields of biotechnology, food engineering and chemical engineering
39.) Application of Labview in on-line monitoring and automatic control of fermentation process
40.) A virtual ECG signal generator / A virtual cardiac monitor
41.) Developing a Portable Wireless Physiology Monitor Using LabVIEW PDA
42.) Development of Automated 12-Lead QT Dispersion Algorithm for Sudden Cardiac Death
43.) A Portable ECG Monitoring System (Holter Monitor) with Real Time Detection of Beat Abnormalities using LabVIEW
44.) A Portable Device for High Resolution ECG Mapping
45.) Implementation of real time QRS detector using LabVIEW
46.) Automating the analysis of microscopic exposures of cornea transplants and calculating their cell densities using LabVIEW & IMAQ vision builder
47.) Lightweight embedded system for acquiring simultaneous electromyogenic activity and movement data (Function-EMG)
48.) Automating the monitoring of human eye motion to aid physicians in researching internal
ear diseases
49.) Three-dimensional and high-speed swept-source optical coherence tomography for in vivo investigation of human anterior eye segments
50.) A LabVIEW Based Ergonomics Workstation to Monitor the Mental Workload of Performing Surgery
51.) A Virtual Interface for the Arm of Upper-limb Amputees
52.) Automated Analysis of Ultrasound Images using LabVIEW for finding changes in blood diameter
53.) A Flexible Control and Analysis Tool for Automatic Blood Pressure Measurement
54.) A LabVIEW-Based Exercise Physiology Assessment System
55.) A Neurophysiological Experiment Execution in Real Time
56.) A User-Friendly, Intelligent Laser Acupuncture System
57.) Automated High Voltage Defibrillator Testing Using NI LabVIEW FPGA and Intelligent DAQ
58.) Building a Test System for Medical Stents
59.) Creating a Magnetic Imaging System for Diagnosing Infant Brain Activity Based on NI PXI and LabVIEW
60.) Creating Virtual Ionic Conductances in Living Cells with LabVIEW Real-Time and PXI
61.) Developing a Robotic Manipulator for Cancer Therapy Using Graphical System Design
62.) Developing a Sophisticated Wireless Network Using LabVIEW & Compact FieldPoint National Instruments
63.) Distributed Oven Process Controller Using NI LabVIEW Real-Time to Process Medical Device Components
64.) Flexible Applied Spectroscopic Systems Using PXI and LabVIEW
65.) Measuring Red Blood Cell Deformability Using LabVIEW 7 Express and Machine Vision Hardware
66.) Automating the measurement of red blood cell deformability under shear flow from microscopic observations.
67.) PCI-Based Control System for Laser Etching an Intraocular Lens
68.) Performing Cell Boundary Analysis for Biomedical Research Using NI LabVIEW 7 Express
69.) Using LabVIEW to Implement Virtual Instrumentation in Vestibular Research
70.) Recording and analyzing cellular calcium fluorescence data to study living neurons and their networks
71.) A LabView Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Console
72.) A Method for Generating MRI Cardiac and Respiratory Gating Pulse
Simultaneously based on Adaptive Real-Time Digital Filters
Exploiting Force Feedback in Pilot Training and Control of an Underwater Robotics Vehicle: an Implementation in LabVIEW
73.) Adaptive Noise Cancellation using LabVIEW in speech signals
74.) Serial Communication Interface Design Based on LabVIEW and VC++ Mix Programming
75.) Multi-Channel Electrochemical Detection System Based on LabVIEW

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