Friday, 26 March 2010


Bio-signal Telemetry Projects

1.) Remote monitoring for healthcare & safety in extreme environment
2.) An SCP Compatible 12-Lead Electrocardiogram Database for Signal Transmission, Storage and Analysis
3.) System Providing Ground-Based Medical Support for In-Flight Emergencies
4.) LabVIEW based ECG & Temperature bio-telemetry unit
5.) Biosignals monitoring system
6.) ECG, blood pressure & temperature biotelemetry system
7.) Wireless Telemetry for Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Measurements
8.) Mobile health systems in emergency healthcare systems and services
9.) Remote ECG monitoring through internet
10.) Design of a portable minimally-intrusive bio-monitor
11.) Empirical mode decomposition to assess cardiovascular autonomic control
12.) Neural network based heart care telemetry unit
13.) GSM based Mobile healthcare system
14.) Mobile Telemedicine Systems Using 3G Wireless Networks
15.) A Tele-radiology System Using a Mobile CT van and High Speed Satellite Communication
16.) A Multimedia Tele-monitoring Network for Healthcare
17.) Multipurpose healthcare telemedicine system
18.) Systems, methods & computer program products for monitoring, diagnosing & treating medical conditions of remotely located patients
19.) Wireless internet biotelemetry monitoring systems
20.) Vital signs monitoring and communication system
21.) Base station for communication with ultra low power wireless intracorporeal devices
22.) Wireless internet based medical diagnostic system
23.) RFID application for biological telemetry
24.) Mobile monitoring with wearable photo plethysmographic biosensors
25.) Stress monitoring using a distributed wireless intelligent sensor system
26.) Tele-cardiology Sensor Networks for Remote ECG Monitoring

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