Sunday, 4 October 2009


Bio-Metrics Projects

1.) Information fusion in fingerprint authentication
2.) Fingerprint Quality Indices for Predicting Authentication Performance
3.) Fingerprint Classification Using Orientation Field Flow Curves
4.) Statistical Models for Assessing the Individuality of Fingerprints
5.) Incorporating Image Quality in Multi-Algorithm Fingerprint Verification
6.) Pores and Ridges: Fingerprint Matching Using Level 3 Features
7.) Hierarchical kernel fitting for fingerprint classification & alignment
8.) Fingerprint mosaicking
9.) Fingerprint matching using minutiae and texture features
10.) Hiding face in fingerprint image
11.) Hiding Fingerprint Minutiae in Images
12.) Automatic personal identification using fingerprints
13.) Fingerprint Matching Using Feature Space Correlation
14.) Fingerprint classification & matching using a filter bank
15.) Compound Stochastic Models For Fingerprint Individuality
16.) User authentication using on-line signature and speech
17.) Quality based score level fusion in multi biometric system
18.) Multimedia content protection via biometrics based encryption
19.) Adjacent Orientation Vector Based Fingerprint Minutiae Matching System
20.) Robust subject recognition using ECG
21.) Automatic forensic identification based on dental radiographs
22.) Integration of multiple cues in biometric systems
23.) Combining Face and Iris Biometrics for Identity Verification
24.) Comparing Decision Fusion Paradigms using k-NN based Classifiers, Decision Trees and Logistic Regression in a Multi-modal Identity Verification Application
25.) Nonlinear feature extraction for Illumination Invariant Biometric Identification

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